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"SaxDecore" Video Release Party - Special Thanks! 


Tonight at the Tyson C, "SaxDecore" Video Release Party ...

The event was truly unexpected in a good way. An awesome turn out for the show. I have to start off by saying thanks to God for opening doors like always. I would also like to thank my dad, Ty Carr, for coming through to support me along with my aunt and sibling Clo Carr and Lou-Syl Curtis. When family supports you, you definitely have a great thing. It can be rare these days.

Great to see everyone how always supports.  To all the people that came through to perform thank you... To the awesome Ronald Gifted Poet Lavender aka host for the night, I appreciate you jumping in and taking on the role last minute. It was definitely meant to happen. Big shout out to Keisha McKane for bringing the projector so people could see the SaxDecore video. 

ALSO.. an awesome shout out to Kym Vonglakhone and the ClassE crew. GREAT CUSTOMER service and food.. Thank you so much.
Also Marcus B. Smooth thanks for helping your "twin" out...talented on the dj side..and to The Princess of Poetry doing what you do best promoting like crazy.

Huge shoutout to Nissa Chan who directed this awesome music video and photo shoot. (Enjoy the video posted above, AND SHARE!!!)

To everyone else I didn’t name who was there.  Thank you all for coming for the bottom of my heart.

See you all on Feb 12th.


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Tyson C: SaxDecore Video Release Party

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ClassE, 2618 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, NC

Join Tyson C & crew to celebrate his first music video, "SaxDecore," off his debut album, Ridin' Down Genre Lane, on Sunday, January 17th, 2016,7PM-10PM at Mi Casa Fusion Mexican Grill, Greensboro, NC.